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Five killed in inter communal clashes in Terekeka State


By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least five people have reportedly been killed in inter communal fighting among Mundari youth of different clans in Tombek Payam of Terekeka State.

Terekeka State Information Minister Lado Philip Jembeke yesterday told Juba Monitor that five people were confirmed dead and several others wounded following a misunderstanding amongst youth at a dancing ground.

“On Monday evening, youth developed some conflict and misunderstanding at a dancing ground. Misunderstanding advanced among the youth in that very evening and around 7 pm, they clashed amongst themselves killing one on the spot,” he said.

Jembeke said that the other four people were killed in a revenge attack on Tuesday morning.

“Due to the report that one person was killed, the whole community escaped the area and the youth resumed fighting and clashed in the morning around 7 am where four people were killed,” he added.

According to the Minister, the fighting involved Nauguli, Tombek and Bori clans of Terekeka State. However, he could not confirm the number of those wounded.

Minister Jembeke pointed out that the commissioners of the two areas were able to rush and control the situation and that the situation was “somehow normal” by yesterday.

He said legal steps had been started to punish those who might have committed the killings.

According to the Minister, the county commissioners were to engage the chiefs so that those who were involved in the incident would be apprehended.

“As the government, we strongly condemn this kind of continuous communal fighting amongst our people. This actually serves as a setback in terms of bringing peace to the communities,” Minister Jembeke stated.

He said that youth should refrain from such acts which was derailing the state form achieving peace and development.

“We really want to see our youth cease from such wrong behaviors because in the history, dancing does not make people to quarrel among themselves. It is a source of happiness,” he noted.

The Information Minister called upon community and local authorities to work together with the government so that those involved in the incident could be punished.

Two weeks ago, two clans in the same community also clashed. The Minister said communities should not encourage a “generation of criminals” that do not contribute to peaceful coexistence.

He added that it was not fair for people living together to kill themselves for no good reasons.

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