Something is seriously wrong at the National Taskforce since the day the chairperson, Vice President Hussein Abdalbagi Akol declared having tested positive last Wednesday. Something is wrong because since then no figures of new cases or normal briefing have been held. Instead there is worrying silence which no one is ready to explain within the taskforce itself or the Ministry of Health. This cannot be allowed to continue and whatever the differences should not be at the expense of the citizens and the general public. It is one thing to fight for seniority and another to deliver service to the country. This is not the time to seek recognition for high profiled status but time to deliver required services to the country. The silence in the overseeing committee of this dreaded disease cannot go un-noticed because the life of the country is at risk if not salvaged from self-glory of few individuals. Dr.Makur Matur Korion, the undersecretary in the Ministry of Health might shed some light and tell the country what is cooking in his back-yard. He is in a better position to do so. Going by some of the information and documents, there are more than meets the eye of what is going on in the ministry. True, Minister Bakasoro might have something up sleeves when he called for transparency and above the table dealing with funds donated to the taskforce. What could it be? Why is there no more technical and professional briefing since last week? Is it for fear of the escalating number of cases or the kind of high profiled figures at stake? No the Ministry of Health, the National Taskforce should not take the country for a ride. They must remain to be seen committed to their work or the general public will hold them responsible for whatever damage which may be caused.

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