Five Candidates up for SSFA race

By John Agok

The possible race for South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) presidency has eventually attracted five potential candidates to rock the boat in the upcoming June General Elections.

Speaking to Juba Monitor Lual Maluk Lual revealed that they are five candidates including the incumbent president Francis Amin whose term will expirein May 17.

Lual said he is the first candidate who declared his candidature before the press on Tuesday in Juba and the rest are yet to come out publicly.

“I expect the rest of the candidates might declare their candidacy later but I am aware of these people interest to run for SSFA presidency especially;Yohanis MusaPoukNgundeng the candidate for SSFA President, Peter Acuil, Gen. AgustinoMadut, Francis Amin the incumbent president and myself,” he said.

He also decried the lack of rules and guidelines that SSFA can follow to combat corruption in the federation system.

“I have to wait from the Minister of Sports who can lobby the lawmakers to pass such law that can be followed by the federation in combating corruption,” he added.

He promised to answer properly that question during his launching campaign at Nyakuron Culture on 1st May.

“I will not answer all questions now but I will answer them well when launching my campaign comes 1st May,” he concluded.

Meanwhile,the former deputy SSFA presidentand the Co-founder for sports for Athletes Yohanis Musa Pouk criticized his rival LualMaluk for allegedly bringing business people on board to campaign for him and expected them to run the federation’s top job. He said these businesspeople should have been in the club to invest there, because they are not football expertise.

“It is very unfortunate that, my rival Lual brought businesspeople to be vying with him at his righthand in this top job which need people with football experiences. These businesspeople should be investing into football clubs to make there,” he underscored.

However Juba Monitor couldn’t get reaction from Francis Amin after a number of phone calls were not answered during presser time. Also the effort to reach the other two candidates were futile.

The General Elections for SSFA will be held later in June after Francis Amin the SSFA incumbent president term comes to end in June 17.

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