Five athletes left for training in Japan

By: Opio Jackson

At least five South Sudanese yesterday left for Japan for eight months’ training ahead of 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The team includes one Paralympian, three Olympians and a coach.

Speaking to Juba Monitor at Juba International Airport yesterday, Seji Okada Japan Ambassador to South Sudan said he was very glad to see the five South Sudanese athletes leaving for Japan.

He said Maebashi City would be the host city for the South Sudanese athletes as they would be undergoing eight months training ahead of 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“It was a very good chance for these athletes to improve their skills and also it is a good time for them to encounter different environment in Japan,” he said.

“The climate is different, the food and life styles, although it is a big challenge for them to adapt the difference but it is a chance for them to learn,’ he added.

He said another important thing was that the group will tell the people of Japan about South Sudan since there were many South Sudanese living in Japan.

Ambassador Okada stressed that it is important for the Japanese as well to know what is going on in this country.

He said in the outside world South Sudan is famous as conflict nation, “There is a lot of news about South Sudan but now that the situation is drastically changing and getting peace, I think the athletes can tell the world the life and effort to achieve the peace.”

Ambassador Okada said four coaches have been provided to train the South Sudanese athletes.

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