Fishers’ livelihoods project launched in Juba

By James Atem Kuir

Humanitarian Agency for Community Initiative (HACI) in partnership with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries has launched fishers’ project to boost their livelihoods in Juba.

The project that targets fishermen across river bank side of Lologo neighborhood will run for six months as part of locals’ socio-economic development. 

While during the launch in Juba, at least 150 fishermen were supplied with fishing equipment namely fishing hooks, twines and monofilament.

Achuil Deng Achuil, one of the beneficiaries said the offer would help improve their welfare.

“It will help us a lot, for example if I am able to catch the fish, then I can feed my family and relatives. It will also help us generate incomes,” he said. 

He affirmed the project will enhance their living standards since they were aspiring for fishing kits.

Lincey Esther Awino, the programs Director for Humanitarian Agency for Community Initiative (HACI), said the project was initiated to uplift the fishing communities.

“We supported fishers with fishing hooks, twines and fishing monofilament so that we have a sustainable fishing within Juba and other areas of South Sudan,” said Awino.

According to her, it was high time to strengthen fishermen’s capacity to improve the sector.

“Fishing is a reliable source of food but most people in the communities lack fishing equipment to catch enough fish to boost their livelihoods and food security,” she cited.

Awino added that the plan would enhance fishing industry in the country.  

“In the next years, we project to sustain fishers. We would boost their motivation in fishing as well as creating saving schemes where they would generate incomes,” she said.

Awino said they are working hard to transform fishing to large scale business that can be a reliable source of incomes to the fishers.

She urged the government not to neglect the fishing communities in their programs, citing that they should rather be supported through reliable trainings and provision of fishing items.

Billy Bol Ajuoi, Program Assistant for Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) in Juba said they supported the project to contribute towards elevation of the locals’ people.

“This program is very important to us as TIKA because we want it to contribute towards uplift of people’s suffering in terms of poverty eradication and by doing that, we gave them fishing kits to sustain their livelihoods,” he explained.

“As TIKA, we always look forward to doing much projects as possible and follow them up; so we would be following up on this launched project to know its sustainability,” Ajuoi added.   

Jackson Muso, Director General of Fisheries at the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries appreciated the Turkish people for livelihoods programs in the country.

“We are grateful as government and as the Ministry for this particular event. We had interacted on number of times with this lead implementer of the project, but in this way, the program is in line with Ministry’s activities, plans and agenda 2030 of transforming fisheries sector in the country,” he explained.

Muso pledged to work closely with fishers in the project implementation as he advised them to take full responsibility of donated fishing items.

Tugrul Biltekin, the Turkish Ambassador to South Sudan said his government is passionate to helping the country by supporting development programs.

“Turkish people are here as well as TIKA to help you live better lives by supporting your development projects,” said the Ambassador.

“We will be here for you in future, so you can trust in us as well as in Turkey – South Sudan friendship. We are always here to support you,” Amb. Biltekin cited.

The envoy applauded the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries for cooperation in the development sector, adding that “I thanked them for reaching out to us to help 150 fishing families with these equipments”.

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