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Fish factory launched in Bor

Jonglei State Governor Philip Aguer Panyang (C) cuts ribbon during the launch of the new cold chain facility in Bor (Credit: UNDP)

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

A new facility to improve fish processing and storage has been launched in Bor on Saturday along a critical supply chain benefiting both Fangak and Jonglei communities.

The facility was funded by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

The establishment of the fish facility was the fulfilment of one of the resolutions made during last year’s meeting between UNDP and youth on how to strengthen their livelihood resilience.

Speaking during the launch, Greater Jonglei UNMISS head of field Office Deborah Schein said that the chance was to support communities to restore peace, security and strengthen the relationship amongst the youth.

She encouraged the youth to manage the facility economically for their benefits in order to raise their standard of living in the state

”It is about courage and need to show your responsibility to maintain this facility. Make it a productive facility as businessmen dealing in fish business in greater Jonglei. It will help boost and improve your living condition as youth here in Bor and beyond,” said Schein

She urged the UNDP to continue supporting youth innovative programs for them to remain productive forever.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Country representative Dr. Kamil Kamaluddeen advised the local people to heavily involve in fish business since the cold ice factory was to improve the fishing business standards.

”Fish business is an interdependent business. Let all of us get involved in it to improve our living.  It is a big business whether taking it from the source or taking it to other business points for sale. It will provide jobs for all of you if you do it interdependently,” said Dr Kamaluddeen.

He stated that if the division of labour was applied then fisher men would enjoy the benefits and importance of the facility.

”Some people would cut, process, catch and cook them. Let all invest in it and do something for our welfare. It will pave ways to strengthening of community resilience in future, improve community cohesion and improve living condition of the youth in Bor,” he stressed.

The facility will allow fish products originating in the Toich swamps to be stored at the optimum low temperature, in turn enabling the sale and purchase by suppliers on the local market, before being sorted and transported to consumers in Juba. The facility will improve the pre-existing “relay” model of economic cooperation that benefits both Fangak and Jonglei fishermen in the area.

Jonglei State Governor Col. Philip Aguer said that the ice factory was a great modernisation ever for fishermen.

He called on the youth to take it so fundamental since it was going to boost their economic resilience.

”This cold house storage is a great opportunity for fishermen in the greater Jonglei. It is going to boost your trade and economy particularly the beneficiaries being the youth and women. I am telling you to aim at improving it so that the main motive of its extension is met and achieved,” said Aguer.

Aguer continued that the purpose was to strengthen relationship among the youth whose states were located along the River Nile.

”It is going to strengthen the relationship between the Bor youth, Eastern Lakes state youth and youth from Fangak who  are involved in fish business. This factory will create a link between them in terms of economic benefits, relations and peace building,” he added.

He called on the youth to develop more durable cooperation in the course of pursing their fish business.

Youth representative Ngang Philip Malek appreciated the UNDP for the initiative. He vowed that the youth were ready to leave all negative altitudes.

”We are going to leave our negative things which were about to spoil us as youth. As youth leaders we shall engage our fellow youth to become constructive through this project launched today,” Malek said.

He revealed that they were going to work together regardless of their ethnicities and clan affiliations for the project to realize its designed purpose.

The fish cold storage facility consists of machine capable of producing stones of ice flaks per day, ice pressing machine, refrigerators, a solar system and generator providing power source and fish processing hall and office.

Demonstration of the commercial ice block machine during a tour of the facility during the commissioning ceremony on 29 June 2018 (Photo Credit: UNDP)

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