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First Rugby Game played in South Sudan ever.

First Rugby Game played in South Sudan ever.

By David Mono Danga

The players were divided into the mix yesterday to enable flow of the game.

Kerbino Flame Grill and partners organized the first ever Rugby professional game on Sunday  at the Dr. Biar Sports Complex at Supiri Secondary School.

The Juba 7’s Touch Rugby games played between 9: 00AM and 2:00 o’clock featured teams like the Nile Foundation, Kerbino Flame Grill, TDI and Kass Security. The players were divided into the mix to enable flow of the game.

South Sudanese entrepreneur, Kerbino Wol, the Chief  Executive Officer (CEO) of Kerbino Group told Juba Monitor that the Rugby games were organized to bring the youth together.

“The reason behind (the Rugby event) was to bring all the youth together from different professions, different nationalities to come and participate. So this is a joint effort with Nile Foundation which is a youth organization that can bring all the youth together regardless of where we all come from,” Wol said.

The entrepreneur advised the youth to engage in sports activities because it is a platform that brings people together. Kerbino also noted that they preferred playing the Rugby game at Dr. Biar Sport’s Complex because the playground is conducive, with cushions, for the physicality of the game. Keribino Wol was speaking to Juba Monitor’s reporter Sarah Kiko.

This is the first time a Rugby game is being played in Juba, if not the whole of South Sudan. The initiate may well encourage and provide more alternative sport for the Youth to engage in.


Rugby refers to a team game (sport) played with an oval ball that may be kicked, carried, and passed from hand to hand. Points are scored by grounding the ball behind the opponents’ goal line (thereby scoring a try) or by kicking it between the two posts and over the crossbar of the opponents’ goal.

According to the World Rugby Organization, Rugby is a team sport that delivers significant social and health benefits. It can also be a physically demanding sport and players should be physically and mentally prepared, and understand how to play safely. It is the responsibility of all – players, coaches and parents – to ensure that a positive, safe, enjoyable environment is created where ALL players will be able to reach their fullest potential, and that – whatever form of the game you play – the training and education materials and equipment are there to support everyone in creating that environment.

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