First Network to be set in Jebel Boma County

By Jacob Bol Mayar

The Authorities in Greater Pibor Administrative Area have confirmed that Jebel Boma County was set to receive its first Mobile Network before the end of the year.

In Greater Pibor, some part of Gumuruk and other parts have no access for network communication.

 Jai Adingyonyi Aluat, the Minister for Information in GPAA said that according to human needs and in order to live well there was need for network not just only communication,but also for roads network which was the right of the people in Jebel Boma county.

 He added that the network that would operate could contribute to a great help to the communities living to Boma Town and around.

“Its good news for the people of Jebel Boma County, GPAA and South Sudanese at large, and it will ease the security situation. And it will improve the security situation because when an incident happens around, the authorities will be informed easily and the situation can be maintained before the situation escalates,” Said Aluat.

Aluat urged the government to also establish the communication network to some far outskirts of Greater Pibor Administrative area which had no access to communication network and roads network to improve the security situation between GPAA and their Neighboring State as well.

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