Fire burns Omoliha Market in Torit state

By: Kabaka Quintos

At least eight shops have been burnt to ashes in Omoliha Market of Torit State last Friday, authorities have said.

Torit State Chairperson for Chamber of Commerce Lilly Hidita Nartisio regretted the incident saying the fire has destroyed goods worth millions pounds

“A lot of things which cannot be estimated, it is not only one million but more than that because the other woman has goods worth 900,000 SSP and for the Somalian shop owner is worth one million SSP and his son said everything got burnt inside including the records the father left to them,” she explained.

Sunday Aliardo a widow, whose shop was burnt down, said all the items in the shop were totally destroyed.

“I was using this shop to feed my children. My husband died and left me with five children, nobody can help me although he has relatives but none of them used to help me. It was only this this shop that was helping me,” she cried.

Ms. Aliardo said her life has now become useless since she lost all her properties and had nothing to start with life.

She said it was her sister who opened for her the business

The Director for Civil Defense in Torit State Lt Colonel James Joseph confirmed the incident saying the fire also caught RPG in the shop that led to injury.

“Actually it was a very bad indecent. I was called on phone and when I reached and I heard the sound of some bullets and I told people to get away and soon immediately it exploded leading to the injury of a 30-year-old woman,” he said.

Col. James said the woman broke her leg and that she was receiving treatment at Torit state Hospital.

“We managed to rescue places which were still not affected. My message to our people is that if there is anything about fire it should be communicated to any civil defense, police and authorities for possible rescue,” he stressed.

Torit state police spokesman Lt Colonel Mathew Ochan Jacob said police were still investigating the cause of fire.

According to Ochan, it was difficult to disclose how the fire started.

He said about eight shops were burnt to ashes, adding that the owners of the shops were traumatized as they lost all their items.

This is not the first time that Omoliha market got burnt. In 2012 the market caught fire twice in the month of February since then the cause of fire has never been disclosed.

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