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Fire Brigade warns citizens to clear around their houses

By Baraka John

Fire brigade in Western Equatoria State warned citizens against bushy surroundings as dry season approaches in order to avoid loses of properties during fire outbreak.

 Speaking to media yesterday, the Director General of National Civil Defense Service in Western Equatoria State, Lt colonel Hennery Mulish said that citizens must prepare for the dry season by clearing bushes to avoid loses of properties during fire outbreak

“my office has organized meetings with chiefs in the counties of Western Equatoria State to get prepared and inform its communities of possible fire outbreak to avoid similar incidents that occurred in Mach this year. Also, the unnecessary burning of bushes by hunters, adding that his office in coordination with wild life office in the state has started developing plans on how to eradicate the seasonal fire outbreak in part of western Equatoria State especially areas like Nzara County amongst others where cases of fire outbreak is reported every year.  

He added fire brigade department work hand in hand with our area chiefs to ensure the incident of unnecessary igniting fire on bushes is stopped and, from December to January citizens in western Equatoria state experience heavy fire outbreaks that results to death of many people and loss of properties.

Last year, many people fell victim of fire outbreak as many people sustained injuries in Gangura an area few kilometers away from Yambio Town.

In Mach this year, 19 hunters got burnt in a fire flame while hunting wild animals in an area called Gangura payam of Yambio County.      

The hunters were said to had set fire on bush at the habitat of wild animals with the aim to disorganize them and kill.

Hunters in Western Equatoria State in dry seasons travel to the bushes to hunter wild animals for commercial purpose.

In the same month of Mach, an estimated 100 houses got burnt into ashes in three Counties of Maridi, Nzara and Yambio in what authorities termed as wild fire.

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