Finding hope in the valley of despair

By: Ngor Khot Garang

Abraham Lincoln who came from a disadvantaged background with meager education and made it to be one of the greatest presidents in American history once said “I’m not concerned that you are falling, I’m only concerned that you would rise up”.

Oftentimes, we fall and fail without any hope of getting back up on course because the challenges that we face every single hour tighten their grip that we couldn’t think of any possible way out.

These challenges than any other thing in life, have enslaved millions of people and stripped them of their happiness not only in South Sudan or Africa but the whole world. People are delicate creatures and easily break when hit by any stone that life hurls at them.

But you know what? The world, with the way it is advancing at the great heights and mounting in technology and artificial intelligence is and was the result of men and women like you who nearly gave up after been faced by series of problems all the days of their lives but their responses to those problems made our world a better place today than it was about a century ago.

We can as well turn those hard times into good times the same way others did. We may think like God doesn’t exist because of what we are facing all the days of our lives but God’s plans are greater than our problems and he too is bigger than our daily loads and every challenge that slaps us in the face every day of our life.

We should not be discouraged because there is hope even amidst those difficult times of our lives when we feel like the world should just do away with us to end the suffering. I also understand that many of us have been forced by the troubles that they are embroiled in to believe that there is no need to live. But that is not true because if it was so, God would not have wasted his precious time to create human beings.

We should be reminded of the fact that problems as they happen to each and every one of us are part and parcel of life and when they come to us in such a quick succession that we can’t control them, we begin to feel neglected and rejected and that is the undeniable fact about human beings, but I tell you when we are faced with a lot of challenges like never before, this is the time we begin to see light with a new dawn.

Light comes after darkness and darkness has no right to outdo the light when it has started shining, so we have to be assured that even in our darkest hours especially the times when God, friends and relatives seem a long distance away, this is the time when we should begin to believe that there are millions of reasons to live in spite of what life is throws at us.

If you have nothing to eat, wear or if you are struggling with sickness to the extent that you feel like death is the right way out, it doesn’t mean you would ever be like that.

You know, disease as it is always feared is a change in our body and it happens anytime. Many things make us sick such as poor performance in business, school, unstable relationships and extreme poverty where one live on one meal a day.  These problems rob us of our happiness and when the happiness is gone, depression which is the leading cause of suicide among young people will creep in and then it will end in sickness that when not tamed early will cost our life.

We must understand that as human beings, we are not here to just increase the population or to replace those who have gone before, we were born for something much greater than our problems and as we continue to find that little strength to breathe, we have to also believe that the best will come out of our hopeless situation as tears of sorrow would be turned to tears of joy.

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