Editorial 25th July 2018

Incidences like the one which occurred in Maban, Northern Upper Nile must be stopped at all costs. Whether there is justification or not, it gives a very negative picture of the country, more so at this time when all efforts were directed in restoring peace. It is sometime very primitive to support a cause without reality on the ground. Yes it is important to consider the locals for employment but it is equally important that those seeking to do the work must be relevant to the calling of what they want. These are both local and international NGOs whose activities are cut according to their line of operations. It is not a home or village inheritance where one has a right because he is the son or the daughter of the village. Here humanitarian services are involved including medical care. How many of the locals can pass the test that they are conversant with what is on the ground. How many can say they have some knowledge of what is being done by those they want to leave the area. The segment of ethnicity and region within or without seems to have been very high and took toll on the aftermath reaction of the host community. Now consider that more than 30,000 people in need have been denied these basic requirements and still foreign countries like Britain have taken to warn its citizens in the country to be on the watch out and leave when the going is still good instead of risking their lives. This latest advisory note issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) against travel in the country is not the first of its kind. There have been others and the effect outside there has been negative result against the country. These kind of isolated cases are magnified maybe to derail the on-going peace talks. It is important for events like Maban to be nationally addressed to give the real and clear picture on the ground it would help in harmonizing the real and imagined community hostilities


By Odongo Odoyo


Sometimes the saying that “don’t meddle in someone else affairs” carries the wait. It is becoming increasingly crystal clear that some countries and players would wish peace to be the last thing in this country. Why, because they would capitalize on any trivial issue to try and magnify them to their taste. The latest, with all due respect is the travel advisory against the country issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the Great Britain. There could be no saying or asking questions if and only if there was reason(s) for that. The Maban issue cannot warrant such a move for one who is considered to be a friend. Although there was no casualty, it cannot be accepted that two wrongs can make a right. Therefore, as this incidence is being condemned and both the State and the National Government is taking the rightful against the perpetrators, politicizing such issues just make matters worse. In anyone’s mind and skull of thought, some domestics should better be left for homegrown solution. We all live in a revolving world which has been baptized “global village” one needs to just visit Hyde Park in the heart of London. When blame games have to be put in place, there can be a number of untold realities. Let the blamer be sober lest he is also blamed. Right now the situation can only be helped or assisted by positive support to the peace which has eluded the country all this far and within the struggle to restore peace in every part of the country. Some of us might not be in the know to the genesis and chronologies of event, but since the world is a global village, every sundry has the know to the open world on the possible know-how.  The region is endowed with many natural resources which have been taken away without the knowledge of the indigenous and whose findings and discoveries are putting some foreign players at the open expose. There fear is real because if the articulated law of the land took effect by being put in place then the majority would be denied their exploit and would be on the run for  the own wrong doing. These are the same crops of people who do not want to face the reality and would do all they could to ensure peace was not restored for the benefit of larger population. Here there must be kudos to efforts by the leadership through the presidency, but there should be honest back-up to these efforts. The peace talks have been going with some resistance, but there have been indication and out there, there are people who are genuinely supporting this cause. To borrow a life that “Rome was not built in a day”, peace will come and the last laugh will be the best. In our midst there are those who are not sleeping and working round the clock to ensure there was peace in the country. They do not blow their own trumpets, but their positive action towards the restoration of peace speaks volume. All they need is open space for trust and honest participation to achieve the goal irrespective of travel advisory or not from whichever source. The only cause that will help the current situation to shape the destiny and goal for the benefit of all is good faith.



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