The noisy friend was at it again, he had gone to Juba Teaching Hospital, not to be treated or consulted. He was not there to find out how the cholera patients were doing, any improvement or additional cases, but went there for something else. He was at the drug stores or pharmacy checking or taking stock of the new arrivals from the donor agencies or simply donor community. This we thanked him for being a caring and considerate citizen. In some cases and the neighboring brotherly country, he could be called or termed “mwananchi tukufu”because of his concern for the well-being of his fellow countrymen. But what came out of his mouth was different. Yes the drugs or medicines were being off-loaded in to medical stores, the ceremony was being witnessed by a number of key personalities from the Government and donor community. Juba Teaching Hospital at one point was on the verge of running out of the drugs and this was a good gesture from our friends who cared about our healthy living and a healthy nation. All gathered were happy and tuned to praise the existing friendship songs. SaTP alone was not singing or amused by the on-going at the ceremony covered by media giants of this country and international class. The ceremony was almost coming to an end when the be-spectacle boy told me that Yaba, I am reliably told that these drugs are not going to last long. They have a short-span of life because; most of them are almost expiring if not re-packed to look fresh and new dispatch. SaTP was so convincing that we almost took sides. He had heard stories of expired drugs being re-packaged but these were done by uncouth pharmaceutical suppliers and practice originated and being brewed by some business tycoons from the E.A. region whose lifeline was only to make money nothing short or nothing else. They will not stop at anything to get that money they want. We looked at our friend and decided at once to call in drug experts to inspect the consignments which were being delivered or stored for human health care. We intended to go to the root cause of this matter even if it meant involving all necessary arms of the Government. The country was already bearing too much and could not stomach additional ills. Those if true, donating or bringing in expired items must be having collaborators and as a country we must bring this to a stop. We must bring the culprit to book. We cannot gamble with the lives of the citizens and the country.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


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