Finance Minister’s Lawyer objects accuser evidences

By Kidega Livingstone

The Layer representing the Minister of Finance and Planning, Salvatore Garang Mabiordit, Advocate Peter Dau Akolthon objected the documents presented before court by the accuser Zacharia Makuac as evidences.

Makuac presented the documents and witnesses during the hearing in Juba County court.

Layer Peter Dau described those documents as “the documents with no justifications,” because they do not justified that his client, the Minister of Finance Salvatore is corrupt.

According to Advocate, Makuac accused Minister Salvatore of corruption, tribalism among others in both mainstreaming and social media.

“Yesterday, in the hearing of defense case Mr. Zacharia Makuac tended in the documents which does not justified the allegations. The documents doesn’t justified that the Minister was corrupt,” Peter told journalists after the hearing.

Earlier in March 2020, Minister of Finance and Planning, Salvatore Garang sued Zacharia Makuac over article he (Makuac) published in both Newspaper and social media which the Minister said had tainted him in the public. Makuac is charged with defamation under section 289 of South Sudan Penal court Act.

According to Makuac article he accused the Minister Salvatore for taking 40 million South Sudanese pounds for funding Kuac community in Warrap State, including 30 million South Sudanese pounds that he requested from the Undersecretary of Finance for funeral services of his late Son, however Advocate Peter said all the allegations were not true.

“All the documents hare no any evidences that the Minster had taken the money,” said Peter.

However, Defense Layer of Zacharia, Advocate Emmanuel Thiep said that there will be another hearing of witness of accused case because the Layer of the Minister has objected all the documents presented in court.

First Grade Judge of Juba County Court, Achok Chan Reec ruled that the next hearing should be on the 17th July 2020 and that will be on Friday  this week.

The next hearing mark the closing of the accused and decision shall be made, according to Advocate Peter.     

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