Finance Minister urges youth to be creative

Minister of Finance [M], Chairperson of Wounded Heroes [L] and the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Petroleum [R]

By Koch Nhial Nhial

The national Minister of Finance and Planning Salvatore Garang Mabiordit has urged youth in the country to be creative in order to face the economically challenging situation in the country.

Mr Mabiordit encouraged the youth to embark on agricultural activities and vocational training to turn job seekers to jobs creators in order to meet the current demand in the market. He said self-employment was the best way to go forward as the government could not secure jobs to all citizens.

He was addressing the public on Sunday during the welcoming ceremony for the first year’s students from Kuac community who had been admitted at the University of Juba and Upper Nile University respectively.

The occasion was organized by Kuac Area Youth Association (KASA) and held at Nyakuron Cultural Centre.

Garang said students should avoid dividing themselves into sections, clans and other forms of division. “Your behaviour, characters and performances will either promote you or demote you.

He said the newly admitted students should make books as their friends and parents and avoid moving with wrong groups.

According to the Finance Minister, youth should engage themselves to agricultural activities; micro business as well as manual work that would make them busy to support their own studies at the University.

However, Garang stressed that laziness was the major problem to South Sudanese as they don’t want to work.

Ayak Lino Deng Wek, one of the first year students who spoke on behalf of the newly admitted students appreciated the organizing committee and the parents for having brought them.

Wek said they were facing many challenges including lack of feeding, accommodation and photocopying machines.

She stressed that early marriage was also another problem hindering girl child education in the country, adding that among them were only fourteen girls who managed to reach to the university compared to one hundred and six boys.

Wek called on her community to prioritise girl child education and fight against early child marriage to allow the girls in the community to continue with their studies.

The Undersecretary in the Ministry of Petroleum Mayen Wol urged the students to be courageous while they are pursuing their studies saying education requires being patience, co-operative with fellow students as well as the administration of the university.

“Be friendly to your lecturers, pay attention to them during lectures to attract their attention,” he said.

Mr Wol said students should acquire other learning skills such as the research which are most applied in the current modern world.

He urged the students to refrain from much consumption of alcohol, fornication and politics if they are to complete their studies.

Deng Dau Deng, the Chairperson for wounded heroes and heroines in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) said university education was to advance and increase knowledge, empower one with skills in order to discover new reality of the world.

He said the students should develop relationships with the colleagues from other states to positively compete for the affairs of the region.

Mr Deng encouraged the students to join political life being practiced in the campus but warned them not to do at the expense of their studies. Don’t let yourselves down in the university activities and therefore participate in politics with maximum care,” he said.




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