FINALLY-SSOA submits list of nominees

Vice President for Service Cluster Hussein Abdelbagi

By John Agok


The political alliance which comprises nine parties known as the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) yesterday submitted its list of nominees for Unification of Forces, after deep consultation with constituent parties for equitable and fair distribution of the ten percent share in the command structures.

SSOA is currently bracing for speedy graduation of unified forces as SPLM/IO had already presented their lists as the country now awaits the President of the Republic’s announcement to seal up the much-awaited unification process.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Samuel Shan the SSOA Spokesperson revealed that, they had already submitted the final list of their nominees and awaited a presidential decree which was expected anytime from yesterday..

“Yes, we submitted the list yesterday awaiting the president’s decree. We delayed in consultation with nine political parties within SSOA, this was to enable us to have an equitable and fair distribution of positions as per our ten percent in the R-ARCSS”, he said.

Shan appealed to the leadership of the Country to expedite the graduation of forces citing conditions soldiers in cantonment sites were facing in the three years without graduation. 

He also called on Tut Gatluak Manime the Chairperson of the Nation Transitional Committee (NTC) to provide food to soldiers in cantonment sites, He cautioned the chairman to prioritize soldiers in the Upper Nile region due to the flooding condition there.

“I am requesting the leadership of this Country to expedite the graduation of Unified Forces. This will allow the Country to have a National Army that reflects the identity of all sixty-four tribes in the country”, he noted.

“I also appealed to the Chairperson of NTC to give priority to those soldiers in Upper Nile, because of flooding there, conditions are aggravating as rains loom now. Most of the soldiers in cantonment sites are suffering from floods and need urgent attention”.  

In the recently confirmed allocation of senior positions. SSOA was allotted the positions of Assistant Director-General for Environmental Conservative and Education, Assistant Director-General for inmate affairs among others.

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