Proceeds from the South Sudan Great Run held almost four months ago to aid famine victims have been released and eleven million SSP forms the total amount in local currency while three thousand nine hundred are in USD. We applaud the organizing committee for undertaking this noble cause to assist the government in fight against hunger in the country. Though it took a bit of time before the announcement, they say better late than never. It has come now and through relevant government organs, the committee is set to identify priorities and areas where the assistance is most needed. They are still going to help the cause by providing food for the hungry. The delay in announcing the proceeds had turned out in the corridor of rumors where people started to ask questions as to the whereabouts of the collection. They had every reason to ask such questions based on the urgent need meant for the event. The committee explained they had a rough time collecting pledges, some running into more than five million SSP and over 25,000 USD. We hope those ledged will meet their promises as this was and is a better cause of saving life. Let the committee of the run be above dot and remain open and transparent as they have been up to now. They owe it to the people of this country. They should let us see what this committee can do before they turn the event into annual event under the umbrella of relevant government departments. The success of their handling will give people and the entire country confidence that something good can always come out of such planned mind like the Great South Sudan Run initiator and committee chairman, Ayesheshim Teka, and his team who worked tirelessly for the success of this cause. The event planned to be an annual event includes sports and other social activities which will bring the people of this nation together and bridge the gap in all spheres of life.

Topical Commentary
With Odongo Odoyo

When you are climbing tree-top always be sure the branches taking you up on every step remain intact because you will need them when coming down. This is the fact just like someone ate too much and decided to burn down the granary because of the time’s feeling forgetting that he would need the same tomorrow. When we were growing up, a child belonged to the community and anybody the age of your parents was at liberty to send you anywhere without any question. We were also made aware that anybody elder to you, no name calling or pointing a finger. It was a taboo and even your parents could punish you at that. But in the present world and time those are by gone and things have changed to the comfort of the doubting class of minds. We cannot be drawn into these since they are of the present think-thinkers. This is where my mind was when by all chance l thought the day was free of the common SaTP. This man is on leave but cannot take rest without finding out what it is that it takes to be working. He called since he was stopped making technical appearance in the office for this or that and then disappear in the thin air. He told me to look for a booklet titled Code of Conduct and Ethics of Journalism Guide for South Sudan. SaTP was sure l had not seen the title or the book but he was wrong. Under my nose there are a number of titles regarding this noble profession and its ethics. We live in a world turned global village where any information trivial or vital can be reached or received in seconds if not minutes. The area where my friend SaTP was interested was the Press Code of Ethics under the sub-title “Accuracy and Fairness” If you want to know more, get the booklet. We were in a different scope of thoughts and this time l wanted to disagree with SaTP and the group on a simple matter. It was who was contributing more in discussion than the other. Such reaction only comes when one’s mind is full of idleness and thinking of nothing but matters which do not build or develop the country. As we argued who was the best of all of us and who can debate without a break or making obvious errors, our boss’s secretary called me and this time my Executive Director, the man behind my survival on daily basis did not mince his words. We are almost age mate and have that respect having been far too long in the same boat or profession. He told me “it is time we move forward” and make things happen for the good of this company. We need to expand”. His phone rang and l had excuse to leave his office l never went back because l had sensed what was building in him. It was not until my immediate supervisor came back from outside assignment that we all together went to see the boss. Guess what? No, do not for now.

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