Final secondary exams marking kicks off

Authorities in the Ministry of General Education and Instruction, Examination Secretariat said the marking of South Sudan examinations started on Thursday last week.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Lul Ruei Dhol the Secretary General of the South Sudan Examination Council said they have started marking the South Sudan Secondary examinations papers for the academic year 2016/2017.

He said, “ the marking has begun and is progressing well despite the long delay caused by lack of funds for the markers.”

“We have 250 teachers, 100 controllers and 15 supervisors participating in the marking of the exams to ensure that there is consistent and transparent marking process,” Dhol said.

He said although the marking is a tedious work, there is need for people to go “slow but sure” to avoid mistakes.

Meanwhile, Mading Manyok Ajak, the Secretary of the Secondary School Examinations said this year’s marking has started successfully and contains no irregularities since all markers were first examined on their credibility and seriousness.

He said this year, the government introduced a conveyor belt system of marking in which a marker is assigned one question for marking.

Manyok said the conveyor marking system will help markers do their work with accuracy, efficiency and transparency to avoid biases.

“Marking is done by section and also on specialization of subjects by markers to ensure that all streak with the best of their ability”. That conveyor belt system helps markers stick to their subjects of specialization and mark with accuracy”, he said.

He said the marking will take a period of three weeks in subjects with large volume of script like Maths, C.R.E and English while others with smaller volume like computer, French and Family Science will only take one week.

Manyok explained the reason as to give room to exam markers to mark with keenness to avoid jumping questions and making mistakes.

He continued that the examination council has introduced a mechanism of testing markers with former past papers sat by students to prove their willingness for marking, saying it was to show that qualified markers are assigned to the task before they could mark real scripts.

He called on all the candidates to be patient as examination council works on to set a day for the official announcement of results after the works are all done.

Over 19,500 candidates sat for 2016/2017 exams across the country including Abyei administrative area compared to 22,092 in 2015/2016 acadmic.

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