Why Juba Monitor is black and white on May 1st


By Paul Jimbo

Thousands of kilometres away in America’s Chicago City, workers gathered in 1886 in Haymarket in Chicago to mark the first International Labour Day.

Then the Sixth Conference of the Social Democratic Party organizations and trade unions of all countries happened in 1904 to demonstrate energetically on the 1st May day celebration.

It aimed at the legal establishment of the 8-hour day, for the class demands of the proletariat, and for universal peace.

Annually May 1st marks the International Labour Day. This day is also referred to as Worker’s Day and often referred to as May Day

Coincidentally in South Sudan, today May 1st we celebrate the demise of our hero and mentor Alfred Taban for the spirited efforts and contributions towards freedom of expression.

To celebrate the life of our departed hero Alfred, Juba Monitor has decided to print today’s paper in black and white.


This demonstrates Alfred’s simplicity as a man who was not fascinated with colourful things but justice for humanity and more interestingly freedom of expression just like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa.

For Alfred’s belief in freedom was manifested in his chequered career path.  We would also want to inform our esteem readers that we will not be publishing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

This is not aimed at news blackout but the desire to focus full attention on Alfred’s body’s arrival until we accord him a decent send off on Saturday.

It is with great regrets that we have to halt publication and circulation at this crucial moment but we believe it is worth celebrating the life and times of a fallen hero who doubled up as the founder of Juba Monitor.

We take this earliest opportunity to deliver our unreserved apologies to our ardent and esteemed readers, friends and partners for any form of inconvenience caused by the three-day non-publication and no circulation. We shall resume circulation on Monday.

We will definitely bring you a more captivating Monday 6th paper with fresh resolve to live Alfred’s undying dreams and vision.



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