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Film makers enhance skills enhancing training

By Elia Joseph Loful   

Film makers in Juba have started a 12-day training aimed at enhancing their production skills.

At least 10 film makers are attending the training workshop at the American Ambassador’s residence.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in exclusive interview, Simon Bingo the Director of Juba Films Festival said the program is conducted virtually by one of the American film makers based in Washington DC.

Bingo said the main objective of the workshop was to impart skills to the participants so they can produce quality films.“It is whereby participants are taught basic and practical skills of making films through such workshops. What they do here in this aspect is script writing, editing and camera work,” Bingo explained.

He revealed that the South Sudan film industry does not have any school to train the film makers making it a challenge to produce quality films.

Bingo added that they are also preparing the film makers by exposing them to different mentors as December approaches for the annual Juba Film Festival.

During the festival, films produced locally are screened and the best awarded prices.

Bingo said their primary purpose is to screen films for consumption by the general public because the films cover various social issues happening in the communities.

“We screen out films to the public and they choose what they want to use for their programs. We give them out to those NGOs that may work for girl child education and others,” Bingo added.

He said the challenge they faced is how to produce quality films accepted internationally.

Bingo said they have so far equipped 79 youth with skills of producing films and among these, 20 are females.

“We want also females to be directors and producers and we want to see that South Sudan could enjoy their films produced by themselves,” he said.

He excitedly said their dream is to build an industry where citizens can be employed in.

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