Faster-growing economies around the world have incorporated modern technologies to enhance financial sustainability of their citizens. South Sudan as a country has been no exception as tech companies across the country take lead by introducing economically empowering innovations to the nationals. The availability of m-Gurus, MTN Mobile Money and M-Pesa has made, and is still making it more convenient for the citizens to send money to families, friends, and loved ones within the country and beyond. m-Gurus, an affiliate of cellular service provider Zain is taking it further after the recent introduction of the ‘Buy Airtime’ feature – which allows subscribers to recharge from the comfort of their homes, and at their time of convenience. Zain also operates NilePay, a digital mean to send and receive money within the country. While it appears as if Zain is striving to grow its subscriber base, it is paramount to acknowledge that the financial tech solutions they offer incorporate the country into the digital economy and a world in which economic growth is driven by technology. Over and above the mobile money services, the country still needs thorough education on the relevance of digital or internet economy. In some countries, the tradition of manual job search has been discarded; this is very true in countries with high internet penetration percentage. In the United States of America, for example, blogosphere and YouTube – platforms dominated most by the youth are making tremendous contributions to economic development. Last year, an article on how to monetize websites and blogs were run on this paper. It should not be surprising that the same income-generating models outlined in that article are just the driving factors not only to the national economic growth but also to the financial independence of youth in that country. Some African countries such as Kenya and Rwanda have also used these models to transform their economic landscapes. South Sudanese must embrace technology as well if the country is to realize economic prosperity. But like I said before, this will need proper education as to how the digital economy works.

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