Fighting continues in Jonglei despite peace efforts

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least 17 people have reportedly been killed in Jonglei in a fresh Inter-communal fighting.

Local authorities in the Jonglei State said the incident happened on Monday evening in the areas of Makoi-Cui areas of Bor County.

The persistent violence in the State forced President Salva Kiir to form a High Level Committee led by Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga in June to investigate the cause of insecurity in Greater Jonglei State after such recurrence attacks.

The committee was to bring durable peace as the fighting in the greater region had previously taken huge public attention.

About a week ago, Dr. James Wani Igga was in Bor town consulting with the local stakeholders on how to build peaceful communities and get rid of inter-communal violence. 

While in Bor during one of the peace gathering, Dr. Igga kneeled down in front of the crowds as he tasked the leaders and elders to work for durable peace.

Upon leaving Bor, a deadly attack occurred on Juba-Bor road instantaneously on that very afternoon after he left. 

But in more complicated incidence on Monday evening, at least 17 people were killed by attackers believed to have come from the Eastern Bank at Makol-Cuei area of Bor County according to Jonglei State Police Commissioner.

Maj. Gen. Mayen Akoon, the Jonglei State Police Commissioner said on Tuesday that the same Monday’s attack left more than three (3) children abducted.

He said the incidence occurred at the late evening hours after the attackers launched what he described as “guerilla tactics.”

Maj. Gen. Akoon alleged that the attack was engineered by the neighboring youth from Pibor Administrative Area.

“The local authorities report confirmed that 17 people are dead, 9 others wounded and so they are now under treatment in Bor Hospital,” he said.

He said that the attackers had also burned houses to ashes, citing that the statistic of the houses burned was yet to be made available as the details were still sketchy.

Maj. Gen. Akoon stated that the number of cattle raided was not also clear as they were still getting data on the ground. 

Akoon revealed that the incidence had left a massive loss in the area as the deceased consists of elders, women and children.

He said that though the police was trying their best to secure the areas, he revealed that such efforts were being overpowered by challenges related to inadequate armament.

“We have a problem of armament, the police do not have that armament to make them defend themselves, there are mo sufficient weapons for the police, but we are trying our best,” he said.

He concluded that such kind of incidences were threatening and jeopardizing the security situation in Jonglei State.

Within this year alone, the conflict has claimed over a thousand lives and thousands others displaced resulting to humanitarian crisis in the areas as the fighting has continued to persist in the past months.

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