FIGHT-Corruption, SPLM officials told

By Yiep Joseph

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)State Officials were yesterday called upon to stop rampant corruption in the country as a move to ensure effective service delivery to the citizens.

The call was made by Dr. James Wani Igga Vice President who is also the Deputy Chairperson of SPLM party during the Renaissance seminar of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) State Chairpersons and Secretariats at Freedom Hall.

“Lead by example and root out corrupt practices while executing your duties”Dr. Igga said.

He called on all the State Officials to work with integrity and avoid using public funds for their private activities.

He explained that Problems of misconduct often involve handling of private and public interests and the misuse of public funds and state power.

“Public funds must be used for public purposes and not one cent should be spent on seeking personal gain” Igga cautioned.

“State power must be exercised for the people, and it must never be used as a tool for private benefits. Party as well as government Officials must always bear this in mind” he appealed.

He advised State Officials to be disciplined and put things they promised to the public into action.

“We must turn our words into actions and make sure that party discipline is fully implemented and any violation is investigated” he added.

Igga revealed that cases of corruption remained challenging in public Offices and the need for eradication was paramount.

“We must be aware that there are still breeding grounds for corruption, the fight against corruption remains a serious and complex challenge” he urged.

“Instances of misconduct and corruption have had an adverse effect on our society but shall be immediately addressed” he promised.

Meanwhile Dr. Bishop Isaiah MajokDau the General Overseer of Sudan Pentecostal Church reaffirmed the need for government officials to work with integrity and transparency.

“Party leaders and church leaders need to work with integrity” Majok said.

He added that leaders are chosen by God and there was need for them to work according to the will of God.

“Leadership is chosen by God and many times confusion around them will come, there are people who will choose themselves or people who wanted to impose themselves on the people and if you are chosen by God then you lead according to the will of God” he narrated.

He called on them to lead by example.

“When leaders are chosen by God it is their responsibility to lead, you must lead and you must not only lead in asserting your authority but you must lead in being an example to the people” he urged.

However, Peter Lam Both the Acting Secretary General of SPLM called on members to remained united and provide necessary services to the people in their various states.

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