The worst disease in the world which would destroy a human being to the bone-marrow is corruption but which is mostly kept under the carpet until its destruction of a nation. The most effective medicine to combat the vice is for the society to talk about it openly and discourage those who would fall prey to its claws. It is encouraging that a number of top government officials have taken the nod and cue from President Salva Kiir Mayardit to talk openly in public about the danger the vice would create in the society. The aim is to create awareness on how dangerous and why it should be fought at all cost. If all public servants were to come to the forefront in the fight against corruption, the high level placing the country in the index of the most corrupt in the world would reduce if not to stamp it out completely which may take time and which is not easy to achieve in totality. The fight must start somewhere and those ofgoodwill should come out in the open and preach on the dangerthe disease called corruption could inflict on the country. Most of these are coming out because a number of public servants are not doing their work freely and instead, providing paid up services to the public while in public offices. No amount of shouting can change them, but only by employing people with integrity who are not mismanaging public resources for their own benefit. This week alone, ministers Martin Elia Lomuro and Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro called corruption by its name openly and brought to light the danger it poses to the country. Others should take courage and collectively and preach against the vices and probably within a short period of time there could be a big change in the country.

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