Fight Coronavirus, stop community violence

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar announced the first case of Coronavirus disease confirmed in South Sudan.  The virus was found to have in a UN staff and confirmed as the first case in South Sudan. The patient was confirmed positive but in good health according to the information.  She arrived in the country on 29th of February 2020. She came from Netherland via Addis Ababa. This indicates that there is Coronavirus in South Sudan.

However, these days government and other institutions in South Sudan are working very hard to prevent the virus in the country. It is a global disease that broke-out breakout and has killed thousands of people. It is still spreading to other countries in the world.  In South Sudan, government, media houses, civil society and other institutions are campaigning and disseminating messages on the awareness of Coronavirus to the people.

All these efforts are being made to prevent the virus to enter in to South Sudan for the fact that most of the neighboring countries have being confirmed with the case and now South Sudan also confirmed the first case in the country on 5th of April this year.

Thus, government, international body and others are to put more efforts in preventing the disease.

On the other hand, people of South Sudan should follow the directive given to them by the Ministry of Health. We cannot ignore the instruction on how to prevent the disease. Up to now several people are not following the directive issued by the government. We need to cooperate and help each other in disseminating messages about Coronavirus to the entire population of South Sudan.

South Sudan had been suffering for many years with conflict between Sudan government and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/ Army (SPLM/A}. After Independence, another fighting erupted, many people died during those periods of crisis. Now we don’t want more dead in the country. We need to reduce the number of death by stopping communal fighting in the states.

According to the report published in the newspapers, people in Lakes and Tonj states are fighting; several of them have been killed in communal fights. It is a very bad news coupling with what is going on in the country about Coronavirus.  Let us fight the global disease that each country in the world is concerned about, not to kill ourselves. Fighting cannot help us instead is causing destruction in the country. Let this fighting be stopped. People should stand together and fight collectively against Coronavirus.

May God bless us all.

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