FIFA to construct a new Football Stadium

By John Agok

The Minister of Youth and Sports has confirmed FIFA’s commitment to construct another new Football Stadium worth 5 million US dollars in the Country apart from Juba Stadium.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Dr. Albino Bol revealed that the FIFA Secretary General assured him of FIFA’s commitment to construct a similar facility in other parts of the country in his recent visit to Juba.

“We thank FIFA for their generosity, and we were honored recently by the visit of the FIFA secretary general, who came and inspected the stadium. And it was at this point that she confirmed that FIFA is committed to constructing another facility like this one (Juba Stadium) in the Country,” he underscored.

He stated that he was pleased with the progress made by the constructor to complete works on Juba Stadium adding that according to his assessment, 90% of the construction was completed and remaining with the finishing stages.

The Minister appreciated the leadership of SSFA and the workers at the Stadium for their tireless efforts to ensure the work was completed on time.

Last week, SSFA president Augustino Maduot said during a press briefing in Juba that rumors of constructing Wau Stadium were misinformation since it was not part of FIFA’s agreement with the National Soccer Governing body.

In April 2019, GS Construction Company was contracted by SSFA to reconstruct the Country’s only Stadium.

The Stadium was initially planned to be completed in February 2020.

 However, delay in forwarding the funds to the constructor by FIFA led to the postponement of intended deadline.

On November 8th 2021, the opening of Juba Stadium date was not yet confirmed to the media by the Minister.

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