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FIFA Investigative Team in Juba to audit SSFA


Former SSFA President, Chabur Goc [right] and his ex-deputy Andrea Abdalah during a press conference, Thursday, Feb 11, 2016 – Photo| Elsheikh Ajeing|Eye Radio.

By David Mono Danga

An investigation team from the World’s football governing body-FIFA were in Juba to audit the financial structure of the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA).

The Spokesperson of SSFA, Alul Daniel said FIFA was investigating and auditing the last unit of the former president of the Association, Chabur Goc in order to fund the activities of the team.

“These people (FIFA Officials) were here to audit the last unit of Chabur Goc because if we fail to clear that session, they will not fund us. That is why they demanded financial records from 2014 to 2016,”Alul told Juba Monitor.

He said the FIFA auditing officers were presented with every document they had requested which facilitated their smooth workflow.

“FIFA is looking into funding our football activities which includes upgrading of the Juba national Stadium. They are just waiting for the documents from Jubek State after which they will come and complete the renovation of the stadium,” Alul said.

The President of the Association, Francis Amin also revealed that the FIFA audit officials were in Juba and that the new government of SSFA is using the old finance system which was run by the former President of the association, Chabur Goc.

He cited their commitment to look into the renovation of Juba National Stadium.

“SSFA’s former administration was sanctioned by FIFA. There is no money coming from FIFA because of the cases of corruption witnessed in the former regime which saw them cut off any financial investment in the country. They hence have ordered us to audit the system for 2016,” Mr. Amin said.

 “Even though we were not part of the previous administration, we did a good job in seeking clearance for organizational support from the federation,” Amin added.

He noted that SSFA does not have the legal documents showing ownership of the stadium but assured the fans that as soon as Jubek State releases the documents, FIFA would immediately start the renovation process to enable it meet the international standards.

“We don’t have the documents of the stadium since it belongs to Jubek State. I convinced FIFA to come back as soon as possible. They have promised to come and renovate the stadium as soon as the documents are ready,” Amin said.

Before the election of Francis Amin to head the SSFA, the Association was consumed by power struggle that was smudged by allegations of corruption, mismanagement of funds and counter-accusations between senior association officials and former president, Chabur Goc.

Early last year, the World football governing body agreed to fully support SSFA in implementing its sports development projects.

FIFA promised to provide financial and technical support to South Sudan to help develop her sports industry.


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