FIFA, CAF welcome SSFA Elections

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) and Confederation of African Football (CAF)have accepted the results of South Sudan Football Association(SSFA)General Election that was conducted on Thursday in Juba.

The World Football Governing Bodies said the recently completed election was one of the best, peaceful, free and fair elections in the World of the Football.

Mr. Solomon Mulega who represented FIFA in the SSFA General Election said the election would bean example to other Football Federations in the World.

“All of us have witnessed something that can be an example to the other Federations and we can be proud to have participated in this process, so I thank you for everything that you have done,” Mr.Mulegacommented.

“Now we are very proud to have observed such a process, we observed your integrity, and your fair play and we congratulate the new President Gen. Augustino for his election as well as your Vice President,” he added.

He encouraged the new Team to work together for the purpose of moving forward totake Football in the Country to the next level.

“It is now to pass the carton to another person which in most cases in Africa some people do not want to pass it.”

He also called on the newly elected President to consider women to participate in Football.

“Female representation is something that is very important, so the translation allows to co-opt female members to the Board of Directors. We need to bring them on board so that we can leave no woman behind as we take Football forward,” he said.

According to Mr. Mulega, article 37,10 stated that if there was no female representative, the Board of Directors could co-opt females to this General Assembly.

He promised FIFA’s full commitment in supporting the Country’s Football, after the declaration of the results of SSFA election where General AugustinoMaduotParek won in Juba, Thursday afternoon.

Mr. Jean Jacques Marcel, Head of General Secretary’s Office representing CAF, said the election was free and fair. 

“I just want to say it is Football game, is one team, the team of South Sudan Football Association, and is just a substitution, the goal is the same.You need to build good Football here in South Sudan,” he advised.

He congratulated delegates and the former SSFA President,Francis Amin Michael for the good job he had done for the development of Football in the Country.

“On behalf of CAF, I would like to congratulate the new President Gen. Agustino with his Vice President as well as all the newly elected members of Board of Directors.”

He reiterated CAF commitment in supporting the development of Football in the Country.

Mr. Marcel said he was optimistic that South Sudan Football would reach another level and SSFA couldliaisewith CAF for the support they needed. 

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