Female students hail inclusion in active politics

By: Martin Manyiel in Kampala

Female students within a South Sudanese students’ Union in Uganda have called for fair representation and inclusion of gender in active student political affairs.

This comes after members of Bahr El Ghazal Students’ Union in Uganda held election which installed Deng Wol Deng Chairman of the Union from 2019 to 2020.

The occasion was orgainzed at Chez Johnson Hotel in Kampala date last week under the theme “Unity of South Sudanese People is our Responsibility”.

Bakita Josephine, a female student originally from Wau hailed the voting process and described it the first of its kind to have included female candidates.

She said girl child participation will rejuvenate true unity among the people of Bahr El Ghazal and the rest of the sixty four tribes that form entire South Sudan.

Josephine promised to work hard for the interest of the people of South Sudanese living in Uganda without considering tribes or political grouping adding that to achieve this dream, female students must be included in active politics at all levels.

Chairman Elect Deng Wol Deng thanked his supporters for making wise decision to vote for a leadership that represents honesty and good governance to move community objectives to the next level.

Wol pledged to buy sound system for Bahr El Ghazal members as a mean of generating funding for the union instead of waiting for funds from political leaders.

Chairman of the electoral committee Muolana Akech Geng Wol told delegates drawn from states of greater Bahr el Ghazal that the main objective of students union was to train young people leadership skills and become future leaders.

Wol used the event to challenge community leaders to be agents of unity by ensuring togetherness of sixty four tribes that inhabited South Sudan.

Wol encouraged newly elected leadership to work with other communities living in Uganda for peace and unity of the general public because people who can overcome tribalism and all negative values that destroy country.

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