Female student opens up on hostel shooting

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The female student of University of Juba who was shot by unknown armed men inside the female hostel has spoken about the incident.

Agau Goch was shot two weeks ago when the armed men entered the female hostel of the University of Juba. She suffered bullet wounds on her stomach and leg. She is receiving treatment at Juba Military Hospital.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Agau Goch said the criminals reportedly were looking for someone.

“Those people came when she was sleeping at night. I heard sound of men waking up people and I thought it was already morning. I asked what was happening but they replied that they wanted a girl called Angelina,” she narrated.

“I told them that we don’t have a girl called Angelina here. Shortly, they replied to us with the gun,” she recalls.

Agau said those who shot her should think about the dignity of people before inflicting pains on them.

“Those suspects should respect the dignity of civilians. Instead they are killing their own generation for tomorrow,” Agau said.

She said she cannot blame her roommates for the incident “because we have been living together like sisters.”

Agau urged South Sudanese to forgive each other in order to have a peaceful community.

Joseph Deng Manyuon, a university student blamed the economic crisis for the incident, saying “criminals are forced to enter university hostel to loot.”

“There is a need to tell the government about the rights of students to let them know what is good and bad because what sometimes they do is hurting the students,” Deng said.

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