Female parliamentarians visit S. Sudan embassy in Kenya

By Nema Juma, Nairobi– Kenya

Members of the recently reconstituted national legislature under the provisions of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan while in Nairobi – Kenya had talks with the South Sudan diplomats at the South Sudan Embassy in Kenya. The first visit by most of them.

 Among the tasks of reconstituting the national legislature per the peace agreement is the representation of women with minimum affirmative action of 35% for women.

Fifteen women parliamentarians out of the reconstituted women parliamentarians were availed exchange learning visit to Kenya with the support from UNWOMEN South Sudan in collaboration with Community Empowerment for Progress Organization 

Speaking during the meeting the Minister of Parliamentarian Affairs Mary Nawaiappreciated the ambassador for the proper reception at the international airport of Kenya.

However,she briefs the ambassador on the purpose of the visit of the women parliamentarians to Kenya,saying that the visit was within one of the ministry objectives on empowerment of parliamentarians.

“The purposes of the visit was achieved after attending briefings and meetings about the Kenya system on legislature, After this visit to the embassy, we will be having meeting and expose to the national parliament of Kenya.,” Nawai said.

In his part AmbassadorCholMawienAjongo, updated the visiting women parliamentarians on the situation of the embassy, saying they are doing their best as embassy for South Sudan in Kenya.

“The embassy is ready to receive to help the ministry realized its objectives and this must be in a proper coordinated manner,” Mawien said.

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