Female parliamentarians applaud UN WOMEN

By Nema Juma- Kigali Rwanda 

A Second group of 15 female parliamentarians that left Juba to Kigali – Rwanda for four days exchange learning and experience sharing. The members of the delegation appreciated UNWOMEN South Sudan for their standing with the women in South Sudan. The members of the delegation urged UNWOMEN South Sudan to continue with this spirit 

This came after the UNWOMEN South Sudan partnered with Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation-CEPO to organised the study tour with the two East African Countries namely; Kenya and Rwanda for exposure learning and experience sharing.

However, the two different groups composed of fifteen female parliamentarians each to Kenya and Rwanda were both headed by the Hon. Minister Mary Nawai Martin   and her undersecretary Mr. James Francis Kutiyote in the national Parliamentary Affairs.

Speaking during the arrival in Rwanda – Kigali, the head of Female parliamentarian to Rwanda, Anna Samuel appreciated UNWOMEN South Sudan for standing with women regardless of the situation that the country is going through.

“I would like to thank the UNWOMEN South Sudan because they have not left the South Sudan women parliamentarian alone, they have been standing with us women and am kindly ask them to continue supporting us as women parliamentarians on matters of capacity building”

In her part, another Member in the National Parliament, Lukang Imoya Rejina, said that her coming to Rwanda is to gain more skills and Knowledge on women’s role in public life and especially for women leaders in South Sudan to interact with the women leaders in Rwanda since there is a lot of things that she wants to learn from them.

 “Rwanda is one of the countries in the history that they where almost the same like South Sudan but in terms of development they have gone far from us and of which we the citizen and also as the member of parliament, we want to coup up their skills and knowledge that they have used in development of their country,” she added.

Imoya added that, at the moment she landed at the Kigali international airport she was impressed on how the Rwandan government are taking the issue of health very seriously for instance, the issue of observing COVID-19 preventive measures. This is first lesson I learned and I appreciate it 

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