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Female journalists urged to be strong in media

By Emelda Siama John

All female journalists in the country have been urged to be strong in the media to be able to inform, educate, entertain and persuade the audiences.

The program was media literacy and gender workshop for female group, the principle of media development interior (MDI) and female journalist network (FJN)

Fr. John Gbemboyo, the social communication coordinator of Sudan and South Sudan in Catholic Bishop Conference Said that they should stand strongly with media because it wasthe away for the news to reach people. Fr. John addedfemale journalists had to extend the programmes to educate people.

 Catholic Radio Network was the only media that separate the word of God and educate the society on some of aspects because media is a channel to transformation.

“The most content that they have to carry is about women so that voices of women should be heard, and they become active agencies of a change, there’s no way a change can come to women except through women,” said Gbemboyo.

He stressed that the better people to bring the voice and dignity of women to be excepted in the society was women themselves.Few women who had those chance to highlighted to their sisters who had not given those chances.

It did not matter the woman had gone to the university or not, but they should pass knowledge on how they could express themselves to the content which was the basic principle of journalism.What women were doing, what was happening to them, those questions could be asked for the women in the society.

“The first role of information to get your environment, listen to the media, give meaning to your society is women, how the women not represented, how they can be content creators for the program as women, and the transmission is about socialization,” he said.

Women should create network among themselves or within their officers.They should know that in media they should look for something that made people happy such as positive stories from differences societies.

Meanwhile one of the representatives said that there were so many things women did in the media.Women participated in the concept of peace building, and the voices of women should come up so that they could notjust stay at home.They should share the percent that they were given, they needed to go back to the grassroots.

“Women who are in the market, women in the community, why can’t you go and get their voices so that you captured them, people with disability you should get their voices, how can they encourage women in term of media during talk show,” she cited.   

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