Female journalists call for equality in media

By Martha David

Female journalists in the country have called for equality in the media after discovering that there are few female journalists.

This came out on Wednesday in a workshop organized by Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) for female journalists to discuss the challenges facing them in the field.

The female journalists gathered to share their journalistic experiences, know why there were few women in the media, and protection of female journalists in South Sudan.

They also wanted to find out why women were few in managerial positions in the media.

Ester Abong Kuat who works for the state-owned South Sudan Television said the working environment for female journalists is not easy as they face a lot of challenges.

She added that families should understand that journalism for female is hard task because a woman also has some other parenting responsibilities to handle.

As a female journalist, she said one of the challenges is how to balance family work with journalistic work.

Meanwhile Elizabeth Juwa, a member of the Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) expressed her feelings on how the workshop was useful to know who the female journalists are and what they are doing.

Juwa asked all journalists to implement and practice what they have gained from the workshop despite the challenges they face in the field.

The female journalists recommended a number of issues including building trust among female journalists, capacity building, encouraging female journalists to join journalism in order to increase the number of female journalists.

Yangi Teresa Josephine, a freelance journalist expressed the importance of being honest and supporting each other as journalists.

“We should profile all the successful female journalists who have been in the field for long and have relevant information,” Josephine stressed.

















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