Female inmates receive goodies

By Kidega Livingstone

More than 100 women inmates at Juba prison got food and non-food items from BACK Home Organization.

The items donated include 10 bags of rice, 2 bags of sugar, 100 bars of soap, sandal for Kids pads and detergent.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Executive Director for Back Home Organization Ms. Angeth Majak Nhial said that women inmates were part of the women who have not committed any offense and it was their rights to have such items thought they were in custody.

“I decided to come and visits women in the prison and donated food and none food items because as a women they have rights to be visits and  for us who are outside we also have rights to come and see them because they are part of us ,”said Angeth.

She described the visits as “fighting for the rights of women and children”.

“Most of them have a lot of difficulties when they are here and it is our rights as the women out there to come see address such difficulties,” she added.

She said the donation came from the families and friends who knows important of women whenever they are within the communities.

Angeth emphasized that women who are in prison were part of the community because at time would go back home to join their fellow women at their respective homes.

“We have some of the Australian women and some women in the States who have donated something for us because charity starts from home,” said Angeth.

She said their organization would reach other states to advocate for the rights of women and children who undergo some difficulties.

In her part Maj. Atong Jok Kuon Director for Women at Juba Prison welcomed the initiative and said the assistances from organizations in collaboration with the government has improved the lives of women in Juba Prison.

“The hygiene has improved because the German Government has constructed very good toilets and our women inmates’ sleep on mattresses that were donated by the organizations,” said Atong.

One of the woman inmates praised the organization (Back Home) for the donation and said the food such as rice would help them to changed diets since most the time depends on cowpeas and maize flour.

Back Home Organization is a home based Organization that allows women and children to access health, justice and education services across the country.

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