A foot for thought

Female elected paramount Chief

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The information published yesterday in the newspaper that a woman was elected by Council of Chiefs in the position of paramount Chief was plus to 35 percent in women representation in the position of Chiefdom. The election has not come by itself but the Council of Chiefs has seen the capability of Madam Abuk Deng Macham during these periods of time.

As the information also said she has taken the character of her father that could be true. May be the father had good character of leadership and she inherited from him. It was only that sometimes women were let down because of traditional norms and culture. That couldn’t qualify them to be given top positions by men. Otherwise, women can do what men can do also if chance is given to them in any field.

Several women were born brave; they have that ability to do work that men can do in any difficulty. In the past, women were considered second hand to men in the family and in the place of work. Thank God those men who had seen the importance of women and gave them chance in leadership. Women by nature have good hearts, and have spirit of forgiveness and sympathy in any situation. That is why women have been categorized as peace makers at community level and country at large.

During the war in the country, women were the ones organizing peace prayers in various churches. It was because they have that concern of bringing peace in the country. They took the responsibility of having that sympathy of being in peace. They don’t want to see things going wrong in the country and be silent.  Madam Abuk needs to be encouraged in anything.

In the office, she needs to have secretary that can help her in gathering information that she may request. She is to be respected and recognized like the rest of the paramount Chiefs in other areas. She is a woman, but has an ability of delivering services to people in her area. In other African countries, women were chiefs as well as paramount chiefs. It is not new in Africa but in South Sudan it has become the first time as the information provided.

In other African countries, men have been supporting the work of female Chiefs. They carry out duties successfully to people due to the support of men and fellow women.

However, men should empower women in any field to ease their work in communities and the country at large. Women should encourage one another and support each other.

May God bless us all.


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