Female Diva bites men in her song

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Hani Breeva aka Vivane Najat, a nineteen year old female diva has no kind words for South Sudanese men who play around with women instead of loving them.

Hani might be young in many people’s eyes but she believes her past love life has inspired her to write the latest song titled Hibu Ita, a song that has no kind lyrics for men who cheat and break the heart of women.

Produced by Linus De Genius, Hibu Ita is a reflection of Hani Breeva’s love life after loving someone but ended up regretting why she gave her heart to the latter.

“I once loved someone so much but ended regretting why I felt in love with the person, what I have gone has been experienced by hundreds of young women in the country and I am warning the men out there who cheat and play around to stop,” said Hani Breeva.

Juba city is full of fake men who are wasting women for men who are serious and would like to marry them, revealed Hani Breeva, as she advised men who are time wasters to stop spoiling women.

“As a man tell the truth to the woman that you want, instead of playing with heart and if you are sure you don’t love her, please don’t waste her time, give chance for other men to try,” Hani said.

Hani was born in a family of musicians and she believes that music is her God’s given talent.

The 19 year old student waiting to join University has done a couple of songs such as Last breath, love me as I do, with you, my angle, you are my shine, I love you, regret.

Hani Breeva also has an upcoming collaboration with Mc Lumex titled not just a woman.

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