Female artist forms a local organization

Sister Alice Universal Foundation is a local organisation that was formed by singer Sister Alice Okuna to support the Vulunerable local people in education, agriculture and health respectivel in the country.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interviw, the artist revealed that the foundation is currently supporting 29 girls in St Bakhita Primary School in East Kapoeta.

“We have 29 girls who are orphans and are being supported by the foundation, we also advise farmers to cultivate food in order to improve on the sacrity of food in the country,educate people on health matters,” said the singer.

When asked where the singer gets her fund to support the projects, she replied that its through her music. “I get money from my music to support all the projects that I am doing and I pay their school fees and schoolatic materials through the money I get from music”.

The singer advised her fellow artists in the country or outside to use their talents to support the lives of vunlnerable people.

Sister Susan who is incharge of the girls at St Bakhita Primary School in Kapoeta state was not avaible for comment at the press time as she was said to have travelled to Nairobi.

Sister Alice Universal Foundation is opearting in Jubek State and Kapoeta at the moment with the hope of expanding its services to the other parts of the country inorder to support the Vulunerable people Nationwide.

By Mandela Nelson Denis

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