Female artist appeals for promotion

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Faida Lelia aka Vaidoes new upcoming female artist calls for promotion of new artists in the music industry.

Known for songs like Tagenda, a love  song, Vaidoes believes that there are thousands talented South Sudanese artists underground but lack support in terms of promotion so that the world can know about them.

At the moment Vaidoes revealed that she is her own music promoter and manager at the same time.

“I move to different radio stations, clubs and other social venues to take my songs to be played and make follow ups to make sure they are played, this is what many of upcoming artists in the country are doing,” said Vaidoes.

Vaidoes revealed that she pays for her music production and videos because she lacks a music promoter to support her talent.

“I appeal to the promoters in the country to look into the upcoming artists, they need support in terms of promotion, and I see most focus is on the male artist,” Vaidoes said.

Vaidoes added that she has all the talent but promotion was the major challenge facing her and the fellow artists.

South Sudanese star Queen Zee in a later interview revealed that it is very difficult for a female artist to get proper promotion in the country.

“For my female artists, things are hard for you but never give up, I rose to where I am today because I did most promotion by myself, I moved from radio station to station taking my songs to presenters to play,” said Queen Zee.

Queen Zee advised the upcoming female artists to do quality music and promoters will search for them.

Vaidoes, a student at Chinese Friendship Secondary school Juba has so far recorded songs like “Ma Indu Gurush and Banat ta Muru.”

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