FEAR-upon fear in Kajo-Keji

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The existence of uncontrolled armed forces in Kajo-Keji is breeding fear within the communities who are eager to return home from refugee camps and IDPs camps.

Upon their arrival from Kajo-Keji County yesterday, Bishop Joseph Nicanor D. Aba, and Emmanuel Murye said Kajo-Keji people are eager to return home but they fear the presence of the armed forces in the civilian places.

Rt. Rev. Joseph Nicanor D. Aba, Diocesan Bishop of Liwolo of Kajo-Keji County said unless there is conducive living environment created for the people in the area, they may be hindered from returning home adding that people are willing to come home if these forces relocate to a more appropriate place like a military barracks.

“I just want to echo out voices of elderly persons and all the vulnerable people of Kajo-Keji who are displaced that they are willing, ready to come home, but their fear is if that obstacle of militias can be removed,” Bishop Nicanor revealed.

“The presence of the armed forces in their land, in the civilian places, in hospitals, schools, in churches is really threatening them. If these issue is addressed, and organized forces are put in their appropriate places or barracks, people will rush back to the land within no minute,” he stated.

According to Rt. Rev. Nicanor, in terms of security, there was calmness, people were moving freely until the incident between the forces belonging to Lakuju and SPLM-IO forces.

“The Bible says that there is time for everything, there is time for war, there is time for peace, and there is time to scatter the stone and there is time to gather back the stone, therefore I strongly believe the time for war is over,” Bishop Nicanor quoted.

He continued that if the presence of uncontrolled forces of the government, SPLM-IO and those who defected from IO and now turned to be the Lakuju forces still causes a lot of fear and is a security threat to the people.

Meanwhile, Bishop Emmanuel Murye of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan Diocese of Kajo-Keji said one of the greatest things is that South Sudanese need to maintain the revitalized peace agreement and support the government in the implementation of this peace process.

“If we are to develop and to make this peace permanent and to continue, we must be united and love one another as South Sudanese,” Bishop said.

He said the unity and togetherness of South Sudanese is more important for peace to prevail in the country.

He also called on the government to bring those who are outside the revitalized peace agreement so that people move together as one people of one country.

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