Fear of Covid-19 in Wau

By Mandela Nelson Denis

People in Wau are continuing to live in fear as Coronavirus cases continue to roar high in the country.

Though business seems to be normal in the town of Wau, majority are still wondering when the virus will be wiped out of the country and people continue to live freely.

Agany Lok Agany, a former commissioner of Kongor county who is currently alleged told Juba Monitor that there is great fear in Wau as there is no serious awareness happening in Wau.

“Awareness in Wau is still down because there is no committee put in place and people are living in fear”, said Agany.

Agany blamed the lack of committee in the states due to the delay of the formation of the states government to quicken work from the National taskforce.

Mary Andrea, a resident of Wau town while speaking to Juba Monitor revealed that some people are not even aware of the preventive measures put in place.

Mary said some people are washing their hands and avoiding crowded places while some are not.

“some people are respecting the preventive measures of wash hands with soap and keeping social distance, while others are not adhering to the measures put in place”, said Mary.

According to Mary the business such as shops and markets are still open as it used to be with people going about their day-to-day activities.

In an earlier interview with Peter Lokale of Kapoeta, there is also limited awareness in Torit, Eastern Equatoria state.

The youth on social media have taken covid-19 awareness to the next level by always sharing about preventive measures on their respective pages.

Since the relaxation of the country’s partial lockdown, the number of covid-19 positive cases has risen highly in the country and some deaths have been reported.

Currently 836 positive cases of coronavirus are reported in South Sudan.

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