Fear God and give glory to Him

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

It is crystal clear that we have a father: the one in whose power, we are created and made living. From him come wisdom, knowledge and understanding. However, he gives to those who seek from him. The bible says that he looks in to our heart and he fulfils the promises he gives to us. What are these promises though? The creator says that carry all your burdens and gives them to me; I will lift them off you. Believe and all that you want will be provided. Your life will have the creator to shape and put right. He will put it the way which is godly and a way that pleases you.  

The bible says it clearly that we are a subject to worldly problems. And that these problems, we cannot solve on our own. There is a power of permanent solutions somewhere with the creator. But though, how do we get hold of this power? The creator knew from the beginning that as humans, we cannot solve most challenges we face alone. And as though, he through his holy word has given us the clues to being problem free, wise and understanding. One of such clues is to fear and give glory to him. To respect and remember him in all our ways is one way to getting his power. However, how do we show respect and honour to him? In this world are great men and women, the rich and other influential persons whom we respect and honour.

The way we respect these people though should not be mistaken for God’s. For God is wise,  all knowing, all powerful and ever present; that if there is anything which was, is and will forever be, then it is God, the almighty. One important way of showing him respect and honour is sticking to our duty. What is this duty? In the book of Ecclesiastes 12; 13, it says “Now here is the conclusion of the whole matter; fear God and give glory to Him. For this is the whole duty of man”. We understand from this statement that for humans to live in peace, unity and prosperity, they must by no means ever to undermine and abuse the powers of heaven.

We are fond of doing this even at times when we ought to look to heaven and ask for strength, wisdom and understanding to find right solutions to problems we face. We are weak and foolish if there is never power of the creator in us. The signs of times of the end as told by the holy book are now present and in us. The conflicts, hatred, corruption and prevalent epidemics are an indication that the creator’s words are never false: they instead live to their fulfilment. Were conflicts, hatred, greediness or corruption not predicted nearly two thousand years ago? Truly, the words of God never change instead; they live to guide and direct generations.

Who can succeed without these words? And which country in this world can have total peace, unity and prosperity without these words? The answer is none. No country or an individual can make it to success without Him. We should also know that our trial and will to make solve problems alone is not bringing any change. The lord is ever waiting for us to present and put a picture of him in all the good and bad things of this world. For peace to return to this country, to fear God and give glory to him is the ultimate solution. If we fear him, corruption, hatred and tribalism become our greatest anniversary. We let go of them and start a life characterised by love, unity and prosperity. This is what the creator requires of the president, the opposition leader and others in this country; to fear God and give him respect and glory.

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