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FBI in the team: Investigating the Terrain Hotel rape and torture

The Government has included the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the on-going probe of soldiers who are alleged to have raped and tortured aid workers at the Terrain Hotel last year when war broke out in Juba.

A statement from the US embassy (see statement on P.2) detailed how the Government requested the US to give assistance in the investigation of the soldiers, some now facing charges in the Military court. And yesterday, the military court adjourned the hearing of the case of the 12 soldiers already accused of carrying out an attack in Terrain Hotel for another two weeks to give more time for the prosecutors to further study the case.

This came after the new prosecutor Lt. Col. Manyiel Jr. Chamtang requested for one month to enable him study the case, but the court denied the requested period and “the prosecutor and his team were only given two weeks to study the cases”.

Chamtang said when the case was handed over to him and the team, none of them had read and gone through the 3, 000 pages document, saying to achieve justice, there should be enough time to study the documents.

The prosecutor revealed that some victims were currently not present in the country.

The President of the SPLA military Court Brigadier Gen. Nike Beryuni decided to adjourn the case although the defense lawyer resisted the request.

Beryuni said the court was adjourned to give the new prosecutor more time to study the case based on the request he had made in the court.

The next hearing will take place on the 20th of June 2017 as decided by the court.

The men in military uniform are accused of rape, torture and murder during the July, 11 assault of Aid workers at Terrain Hotel in Juba last year when fighting erupted between President Salva Kiir and his former First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar forces.

The 12 accused soldiers appeared in different uniform signaling that they are from different sections of the army.

By Morris Dogga

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