Favour Africa to build 1,000 churches nationwide

Churches leaders, government officials and staff of Favour Africa in front of the Church

building constructed for Jondoki community (photo by Kidega Livingstone)

By Kidega Livingstone

Favour Africa a Christian Organization has promised to build 1,000 Churches across the country.

Speaking during a dedication ceremony of a new constructed church for New World Vision Ministries in Jondoki village in Jubek state, the Director for Favour Africa South Sudan, Carole Ward said they aimed at spreading the words of God in rural areas in order to change the life of the communities.

“The construction we are doing is to serve the people of God and for that reason we are going to build one thousand churches across the country and give them freely to communities so that they can own and can change their life,” said Ward.

She emphasized that church construction would move together with the program of women empowerment and literacy among children and adult in all the states.

The Manager of Favour Africa Pastor. Abui John Bosco said they aimed at taking towns to the villages by building churches to the communities.

“Today we are dedicating the sixth church in South Sudan. We are expanding more in some parts of the country because we want to build one thousand churches as our Director has said and we shall go deeper in the villages.We shall do it with a lot of great energy,” said John.

He said Communities should cooperate with the Organization in order to fight some challenges during the construction of churches in rural area.

“These Churches we are building come with a lot of blessings to the communities because women in churches will be empowered by the Favour Africa especially in the area of business so that they can earn a living like other women in urban areas,” said Pastor John.

He advised those in need to apply for church construction in their main office in Juba in order to start the process.

Martine Apollo, Head of the New World Vision Ministries in Jondoki welcomed the initiative from the Favour Africa.

He said the time has come for the people of South Sudan to change their life spiritually in order to get good life in their nation.

“Our Church is a non-political but we build the life of people for unity and we build the life of the people to forgive each other,” Apollo said.

Chief of Jondoki village Mr. Galdino Ladu said that the community was living without church and school.

He said the absence of services in the area had forced many people to move to town in search of schools and churches for their children.

“This place was busy and now we are in light. We can see people coming to see us.  This is a very big achievement in the life of our communities,” said Ladu.

The sole purpose of Favour Africa is to bring Christ into the community by well-trained native leaders while providing three months of training on evangelism, discipleship, holy living, church leadership, raising Godly families, the power of prayer, forgiveness and character building.


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