Fate of suspects implicated in Sudan killings hangs in the balance

Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The fate of the 34 South Sudanese suspects of the killing in Sudanhangin the balance.

On October 17, 2021, 34 South Sudanese were said to have been sentenced to death by a court in Sudan for having allegedly murdered their two fellow countrymen in Sudan.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, South Sudanese envoy to Sudan Kau Nak Maper said that the accused had been given time to confirmed, if they were innocent.

“They are yet to confirm if they are the real suspect or not. We believe that not all of them are suspects. We are still waiting report from the group that was formed earlier to investigate the issue,” Nak said.

He said the embassy in Khartoum was liaising with the Sudan government to establish if all those arrested were really involved.

“lam still waiting for the identification of the real suspect, for me to write the report back home to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “he added.

The ambassador said that it was not the time to sentence suspects until the confirmation of who the suspect behind the alleged murders were.

“Itit not right to point fingers by sentencing the 34 to death before knowing or identifying the real killers because we believe that not all the accused are the real suspects,” Kau stressed.

The embassy he said would establish if all the suspects were involve in the murder or not.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that they were waiting for the envoy to send the report, since they were not aware of the incident.

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