Fasten our return ticket, University students demand

Students posed for a photo

By Lodu William Odiya

The students who were returned from Bahir Dar University in the Amhara region of Ethiopia have urged the ministry of higher education to fasten their return air ticket in order for them to resume normal classes.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, a third-year student in the faculty of Computer Engineering, Mr. Beneya Lukudu Joseph said that the school has started but they were not yet notified by the government about their return tickets.

“The school has started and we are behind classes, it is really more painful for us because we are not only students who will go for normal registration but there are students among us who need to do course selection”, he said.

He added that other students are expected to sit for an examination on 24th of this month adding that some students are going for their projects and internship as well.

“All these students are more frustrated, we don’t have any other option. There is no other way that we can get money from somewhere to facilitate our return to Ethiopia,

Joseph said that we had hopes in the government but now we are disappointed.

He urged the government, especially the Ministry of higher education, science and Technology to fasten their return facilitation.

“We are losing a lot and we don’t want to waste the years spent in Ethiopia just to go like that, we need them to honor what they promised to us. We came from Ethiopia to South Sudan because we trusted them, we are requesting the government to give our tickets as fast as they can so that we join the rest of the colleagues in school”, said Joseph.

He added that they returned from Ethiopia due to the crisis that erupted and led to the closure of schools.

He revealed that before their return from Ethiopia, they made an agreement with the government stating that as soon as school reopened, their return ticket would be facilitated.

“We thought it would be wise to us to stay in Ethiopia then the government would pay for our accommodation but due to the financial status of the government by then, the government thought that it would be more better to come back home”

Amet Martin Liet, a first-year student studying electrical engineering said that the Ministry of higher education and the government should show their commitment by speeding up the ticket processes.

“This scholarship are paid by the government, if the students are not there at the end, the government will be requested to pay. How can you pay when the students did not study? He questioned.

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