Farmers warned against crooks collecting money

The undersecretary in the ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Dr. John OgostoKanisio

By William Madouk Garang

The National Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security has warned citizens and farmers against a major scam facing the sector known as the ‘Co-operative Scheme’ scam with some crooks feigning as officials soliciting money from the innocents.

The masqueraders have been identified as people who go out to register individuals or cooperative farmer’s society, collect registration fees with the prospect that the ministry of Agriculture would grant them funds to support their farming activities.

Speaking to journalists in Juba yesterday, the undersecretary in the ministry of Agriculture Dr. John OgostoKanisio said according to the Public Service Code of conduct and Ethical standards, public officials and employees at the ministry are not allowed to ask for money.

He added ministry of Agriculture was not involved in such an illicit scheme and could not be liable for any loss or damages the fraud may cause. 

“The ministry has been made aware of this false information being circulated targeting innocent citizens that the ministry had plans to give out money to individuals or cooperative societies to do farming or related agricultural business,” Dr. Kanisio said.

“The ministry wishes to warn the general public at large and citizens residing in the states about these fraudulent activities being perpetrated purportedly in the name of the ministry and/or any of its officials or leadership,” he added.

He explained that donors usually go to targeted beneficiaries at state or local government through projects contracted to third-party implementing agencies such as UN agencies or organizations.

“The money when awarded usually goes to help pay for pre-planned project activities that will benefit the public or specified group of beneficiaries,

We encourage everyone to report any form of communication from such individuals and verify the authenticity of these messages with the ministry through the office of the Director-General of Administration and Finance,” he concluded. 

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