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Farmers urged to start cleaning their land for cultivation

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Director of Agriculture Forestry and Environment in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State advised farmers to start early land preparation for the first season plantation.

Speaking to Juba Monitor Amos Lugala Moorish said that farmers did not harvest much food in 2020 because of late cultivation and delayed rain.

He believes that farmers will get enough food if lands are prepared earlier this year and encourage them to work hard and produce enough food to supply the neighbouring states and capital Juba.

He  mentions that farmers registered more success in 2021 because proper timing of season and early preparation

“Start to prepare your lands early for the first plantation season. Most of our crops were destroyed in 2020 because we started preparation late but 2021 we made it early that is why we were able to have good harvest. I want you to produce enough food this Year compared to the previous Years,” He encourages

In his part Malish Julius, a farmer and resident of Jigomoni Area also encourages farmers to start early preparation during the dry season.

He further reminded the farmers of the need for seeds testing before planting them to determine the faith of what will be planted.

Malish believes that early land preparation will enable farmers to proper timing of the plantation season and produce enough food.

“Cultivation needs early preparation of land especially you need to prepare the land during the dry season and as soon as it rains, you start to plant the crops,” he stated

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