Farmers in Yambio stranded with food; no market

Photo show Members of Berani Farmers Multi-Cooperative Society displaying food at the launch of Recovery and Resilience, Yambio, on 12/10/2018 (photo by Moses Gum)

By Moses Gum

Local farmers in Yambio, Gbudue State have said they are stranded with their agriculture produce due to inaccessible market.

The farmers’ groups said they have produced enough food this year following the improvement in security but left with no market for their produce.

Mordocai Juma, one of the farmers in Yambio from Berani Farmers Multi-Cooperative society revealed that there was enough food but their only challenge was lack of market.

Mordocai who is the Secretary for Mobilization at Berani Cooperative stressed the need for farmers to be supported in order to sell their food to neighboring states that have no food.

“We have produced enough food and will continue to produce more. Our major problem is just market. We have no market to sell our food,” he said.

He said the land in Yambio was thriving, rich and fertile hence making it the perfect place to grow crops and rear animals.

Yambio is located just 20 kilometers from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which makes it easy for farmers to transport and trade those crops across the border.

However, after the outbreak of the civil war which devastated the economy, most farmers faced heavy losses on their farms particularly and prevented farmers from cultivating their land.

“This year, the overall security situation has improved, which is encouraging farmers back to their farming land. We cultivated enough crops but we want market to take this food to those in Juba,” Mordocai said.

He described the situation of people in Yambio as being food secure and farmers could go far to their farms to cultivate their crops and supply food.

“Before, we used to get some profit but these days, business is hard because there are no people buying,” Modocai decried.

Mordocai called on the UN Agencies especially FAO, and WFP to help farmers transport their food to the ready market in Juba.

According to him, farmers were cultivating mainly food crops such as cassava, sweet potatoes, groundnuts, maize, rice and fruits.

The Governor of Gbudwe State, Badagbu Daniel Rimbasa while speaking at the launch of Recover and Resilience programme over the weekend stressed that his government and the people of Yambio were working to maintain peace, reject war, providing enabling environment for farming activities.

He said his state has been known for its peaceful coexistence and people for their hard work.

“We have worked together as a team to design programmes to reconcile our people and communities as well as improve security and deliver services,” Badagbu revealed.

He expressed his government’s commitment to implement peace and empower the people.

A joint Partnership for Recovery and Resilience programme aimed at reducing vulnerability and strengthen coping capacities was formally   launched in Yambio, Gbudue state last weekend.

A high level-mission that composed of donors, UN agencies, NGOs, Government and Traditional Leaders joined and officially begun a “Partnership for Recovery and Resilience” at the Women’s Empowerment Centre in Yambio on Friday 12 October 2018.




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