Farmers decry destruction of crops by monkeys and birds in Bor

by Wek Atak Kacjang

A group of farmers supported by the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) decry the destruction of their crops by birds and monkeys  in Ayuel cooperative Farm,  North West of Makucach Payam in Bor County.

A total of  60 sixty farmers complained of the destruction of their crops by birds and monkeys as the floods have made it difficult for them to reach their farms earlier before the birds and monkeys start eating them.

Speaking to Juba to Monitor yesterday, the Chairperson of Ayuel Farm Cooperatives, Daniel Ngang Kuol revealed that, it is a disaster for the people of Bor because of the flooding and they have less time to work smoothly as they normally do.

“We appreciate the efforts exerted by the  FAOand the great support given to farmers despite the flooding and challenges they face. The insecurity caused to their crops has enabled them to put shelters and stay near their farms,” said Kuol.

He appealed to the government and the humanitarian organizations to support the farmers by providing some machines like tractors to enable them produce more food for the State and the country at large.

He revealed that they are expecting hunger because all crops were destroyed by animals and floods.

Meanwhile, Food Agriculture Representative said that FAO has some projects which they are implementing to ensure that farmers in the villages are able to do something despite the challenges they face including flooding, animals and birds.

“Farmers in Ayuel cooperative groups should be part of the training on how they should plan before they go to their farms.  They will be trained how to produce vegetables and showed how to use modern way of farming as well as local ways of reducing and controlling pest and diseases,” The Representative from FAO said.

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